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Device project in action

The motion of device under the action of waves.

The structure is placed into underwater position and it fluctuates in harmony, simultaneously and in correspondence with the movement of the wave, following it in shape, action and movement.

Section of cylinders

The change of geometric form and movement of the cylinder in section.

Each device's section changes from one position to another and returns back, thus performing a working cycle, during which there occurs the cyclic change of angles between the blades and the props and the mutual interdisplacement of blades, as a result of which there occurs the linear displacement of rods in the hydraulic cylinders, which in turn pushes the working fluid through the pressure pipeline in the direction of hydraulic turbine.

Particular of the blades

Movements of the blades.

Water particles

Action of water particles on the blades.

Energy of waves has converted into mechanical power by dynamic action of water particles flowing over the blades.

Fluidodynamic forces

Action of fluid dynamics forces on the device.

Prototype in action

Prototype in action at sea.

Prototype in action

Prototype in action at sea.

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Benefits and advantages Converter

  • Working also with very low and irregular waves
  • Return on investment in very short term
  • High yield factor
  • Reduced complexity of used technology
  • Long-term working duration with normal, simple & not expensive maintenance
  • Use of simple materials, already highly consolidated in the industry and proven reliability and durability into marine environment
  • Removable 100%, No required foundation or fixed structures
  • Facilitates of installation, quick and easy routine maintenance
  • Better performance in comparison to other devices by wind / solar market; best position with wave performance’s existing devices in the market
  • Possibility to work in open sites or engage in existing wind off shore farms
  • Minimun enviromental impact

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