Why Wave Energy

Wave energy is abundant, geographically diverse and renewable, with zero emssion, zero carbon issue. Wave is abundant, with enormus potential of energy

Waves are located near large population and industry

Based on projections, wave energy has the potential to generate 350 TWh of electricity meeting up to 10 % of sole Europe’s demand by 2050.

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Wave Energy Converter

HOW IT WORK:  our patented converter is simple and genial in same time. It is composed of a unit of metallic sections connected together. The individual sections are formed by two bases, superimposed and parallel to each other, made of fixed paddles; the paddles are positioned horizontally and connected together by vertical posts, forming a parallelepiped. In each individual section a hydraulic piston is fitted transversely between the upper and lower paddle and fixed to both the upper and lower part of the section. All the sections are then connected together using jointed, moving supports.

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One of the key aspects, in addition to profitability, it is absolutely the natural inclusion of the structure into complicated and harmonious environment life.

The following main points will show reaction between our converter and marine life:

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How to find us


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