Why Wave Energy

Wave energy is abundant, geographically diverse and renewable, with zero emssion, zero carbon issue. Wave is abundant, with enormus potential of energy

Waves are located near large population and industry

Based on projections, wave energy has the potential to generate 350 TWh of electricity meeting up to 10 % of sole Europe’s demand by 2050.

The global market for wave energy could see 337 GW of installed capacity by 2050. Renewables are a viable source to power world in the coming decades.

Physics properties of waves exceed wind and solar proprieties for their features as: predictability, constancy, mass of energy. On a device functioning by waves, factor capacity , availability' and performance , are tremendously better than competitors in other green sectors .

Another fundamental aspect is environmental impact . Environmental degradation and Architectural Product from conversion of wave’s energy is reduced comparing with Other Renewable Energy Sources .

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