Wave Energy Converter

HOW IT WORK:  our patented converter is simple and genial in same time. It is composed of a unit of metallic sections connected together. The individual sections are formed by two bases, superimposed and parallel to each other, made of fixed paddles; the paddles are positioned horizontally and connected together by vertical posts, forming a parallelepiped. In each individual section a hydraulic piston is fitted transversely between the upper and lower paddle and fixed to both the upper and lower part of the section. All the sections are then connected together using jointed, moving supports.

The structure is placed in position at about one metre below the surface of the water and it fluctuates in harmony, simultaneously and in correspondence with the movement of the wave, following it in shape, action and movement. Owing to this movement, all the sections are forced to change their geometric shape according to the wave movement (trough or crest), varying from parallelepiped to rhomboid, making the hydraulic piston retract or extend and therefore start the flow of working fluid. The fluid moving inside the hydraulic system reaches sufficiently high speeds and pressures for exploitation. The working fluid drives a pressure turbine connected to a generator for the production of clean electrical energy. In addition, as an alternative or simultaneously, it may be used for connection to a pump, desalination device or various other mechanisms.

The added value of this system is that it has a simple structure and therefore it is easier to manage than other solutions already existing. Moreover, the converter is very robust, highly efficient and has low maintenance costs. This device overcomes the main barriers of other tools and systems already present in the market offering at the same time easy utilization, low costs, robustness and optimal performances in different environments since it works very well with waves of small as well as big dimension.

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