One of the key aspects, in addition to profitability, it is absolutely the natural inclusion of the structure into complicated and harmonious environment life.

The following main points will show reaction between our converter and marine life:

  • environment hydrodynamic::– converter does not alter condition of waves, i.e. fluctuation works with harmony with movement of the same wave and therefore it does not affect nature of the coast hindering the same waves and not causing impacts with aquatic flora and fauna that live near the shore;


  • biofouling: there are no depositions of rigid foundations on the seabed, this converter causes minimal changes in the environment, due only to anchor of the same. There are not so serious measures against settlement to fight proliferation and developments of any kind, there is not any uses of lead paints or metal in general as well as other pollutants. There is not required maintenance of pipelines and therefore relative use of chlorine or other toxic materials. Because of its structure, level of colonization by organisms, algae or invertebrates is not so intensive to request design changes. Our converter uses only 100% biodegradable oil in case of breaking of structure


  • underwater noise: this converter does not cause any interaction with marine environment unlike many other devices that seem to be very noisy especially on the condition of rough sea. Transmission over long distances underwater, natural phenomenon, however, it is cancelled and then there are not any consequences for navigation and communications systems of specific animals such as seals, dolphins, whales. There is not any trouble for those species of fish that use underwater sounds for interaction, such as communication, search for prey, eco localization and more. Reduced noise production during the installation, due to the minimum of installation work of cables and boat traffic is also a special advantage of this converter;


  • migration: Eventual possible effects during seasonal migration by various species are absent because this device does not work as a dam, it has no foundation and it rises and falls between an insignificant marine thickness, compared to possible ways of fish and mammals. Besides, its structure is open and it does not act as any barrier;


  • conversion and transmission: During application of submarine cable a considerable importance is noted to not damage marine environment; this point is within an already established consolidate technique and it has used for decades in various sectors and therefore easily assessable in relation to the site in question.


  • risks for navigation: Registration’s profile to the authorities about the site as per current legislation, no any new unknown operation about danger position; positioning above visible buoy devices, such as lights, beacons and transponders in the water spectrum allows to minimize any risks;


  • visual effects: No any architectural pollution and no adverse visual effect due to the sole visibility of buoys at sea level, which however, they will be at a minimum calculated distance from shore.

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